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"Courteous Reader, Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the Wise and the Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight in Battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an Astrologer."

The Initiates of Success

any contemporary astrologers today mostly agree with the concept that the outer planets affect them in both their birth chart and by transits to sensitive points in the birth chart. However, it is my opinion that this cannot be so. The reason behind my thinking is quite simple. Who among the many readers of this page can readily fly an airliner? Or control a multinational organization? Successfully lead an army of soldiers into battle? The point is these feats are possible but unless you have had the training and experience the probability of simply doing so is beyond your reach.

The same logic can be upheld provided we agree that the Trans-Saturn planets are higher octaves of the visible planets from Mercury to Saturn. And, if we can also agree on the idea that the Trans-Saturn planets are more creative than inert energies, we have a deeper understanding of the power we hold within ourselves as human beings reflecting the cosmos through our everyday experiences.

Given that the Trans-Saturn planets are higher octaves of the visible planets in our solar system (Sun not included), they can represent our gateway to success on a grand scale. As such, the general population can only react through the outer visible planets and their influences. Likened to an artist, the first of the six planets represent the learning process (Mercury/Venus), coupled with ability (Moon/Mars) and execution (Jupiter/Saturn) to achieve the status of an artist. Once the artist within has achieved the inner planetary disciplines, the Trans-Saturn planets become a gateway for expression to the masses: Uranus, for uniqueness of approach, Neptune, for inspiration by subject matter and finally Pluto, for intensity and message to the world.

At the moment the artist becomes an influence to the masses, he becomes a reflection of the outer planets. However, not everyone is an artist. Unless the average person can find himself in a unique leadership position, he will probably never have the need for, or the ability to, work directly with these higher planetary energies. The Trans-Saturn planets represent the larger picture; the long hours of hard work and organization of large groups that the public, in general, fails to recognize on a personal level. Trans-Saturn planets are the planets that offer uniqueness, inspiration and the intensity that lead to larger scale public awareness and therefore success. Many may not hear the call or take up the challenge to follow that path even though they think they express the desire to do so.

Those who do not hold a high profile, the public in general, continue to be swayed and induced by the people who are in power. With this understanding, we can see that the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not fully activated until a person becomes either famous, notorious or gains a position of influence over large groups of people, the masses.

Individuals who do have influence over their generation pro-act and/or react relative to the influence of the Trans-Saturn planets. The general public simply and indirectly reacts through its personal planetary combinations that make up Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. It is important to remember that celebrities and the leading echelon of each country and its captains of industry are the trendsetters in each generation. This is a fact of life and is performed in a quiet and unobtrusive way through the media, written word, laws, motion pictures, television, radio, etc. The media continues to hold a mystique that the average person reveres and holds as truth regardless what is put before them. Generation influences and trends can be produced by public demand but are brought about by those who are in the position to make things happen.

When the Trans-Saturn outer planets activate the average individual's chart by transit, the native will generally respond to these planets in a personal way either through the Moon, Mercury, Venus or through the transpersonal planets of Mars, Jupiter or Saturn.

In effect, we can combine the influence of the inner-Saturn planets to reflect the energy of an outer planet such as, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are Plutonian. The former triad combination of these planets represent intensified action or reaction by their planetary positions either by rogression or in the stack. The same holds true for Uranus and Neptune.

For example, the planet Pluto is the combined energies and comprised of the triad with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Should Pluto rogress or transit a personal point in the natal chart, say, the Moon, the reaction would involve Mars, Jupiter and/or Saturn under a combined influence with the Moon. One would look at their chart to see if the Moon made any natal aspects to Mars, Saturn or Jupiter. Under the influence of Pluto, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are subject to activation in the chart and any one in aspect either by the Moon or Pluto has more influence and

would be the personal reactive planet to the Pluto/Moon transit. However, if the combined energies of all three planets, (Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) are energized by rogression, aspect and/or transit, then the position of Pluto in the chart becomes the reaction point according to its rogressed or stack placement. A transit of this magnitude would indeed be a powerful and transformative one.

Uranus URANUS The combina- tion of three planets that we associate with the planet Uranus is Mercury, Mars and Saturn. The resultant planetary reaction depends on which planet has the more powerful influence either by planetary contact or by virtue of its position in the sunset chart.

Should Mercury be the most powerful, then a new ideology [Mercury] induces the activity of forcibly destroying [Mars] the social order [Saturn] through revolution. This is accomplished by forcibly [Mars] changing the boundaries and limits [Saturn] formally accepted [Mercury] as society's laws of the land.

Me= Ma/Sa

If Mars is the most powerful, then the destruction [Mars] of the existing form [Saturn] must be changed by developing a more contemporary design [Mercury] and structure. This is accomplished with regard to keeping the existing foundations and also through a more agreeable change. Here we see the activity of upgrading present circumstances and conditions by agreement and re-design. Ma=Me/Sa

With Saturn as the most powerful, the status quo [Saturn] is questioned by innovative [Mercury] acts of discord or demonstration [Mars] against authority [Saturn]. Recognizing known boundaries and physically extending oneself beyond them accomplish this. Society sees this as being different or marching to the beat of a different drummer. Sa=Me/Ma

NeptuneNow look at NEPTUNE. The triadic formula for the planet Neptune would fall under Moon, Venus and Jupiter. The personal planet triad is defined as our desire potential, which is hidden from view by our self-doubt or self-interest. With Neptune we can achieve goals that are even beyond our expectations. Neptune is the scope of history that lies behind its circumstance.

A more powerful Moon would sense a feeling [Moon] of helplessness or vulnerability in a social, [Venus] larger than life atmosphere [Jupiter]. It is often seen as somewhat shy. Mo=Ve/Ju

With a prominent Venus being more powerful, one realizes pleasure by taking advantage of a weakness [Moon] in another person by manipulating [Jupiter] relationships or social functions [Venus]. It is negatively seen as a con artist and is seen positively as the social leader. Ve=Mo/Ju

With Jupiter as the most powerful, one seeks honor, glamour, beauty and style. It is the feeling of meeting and developing one's ideal relationship, often felt as love. In a social sense it is the politician winning an election! Ju=Mo/Ve

PlutoThe last planet is PLUTO. It represents the intensity of power and the magic of subtle influences. Pluto is represented by the triadic configuration of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Since Pluto was discovered in 1930, when delineating a chart on people born before that year brings up an interesting question. Does the planet Pluto have any influence in their lives? When pre-Pluto birth charts are reviewed, the intensity that is known as Pluto shows up in a variety of ways but always as the influence of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Gandhi had Mars in opposition to Jupiter with Jupiter inconjunct Saturn. The more contemporary Nixon had Mars conjunct Jupiter, inconjunct Saturn rising (sunset chart). Each of these triadic configurations reveals some form of Plutonian intensity not necessarily found by the position of Pluto in the chart.

Saturn With this planet as the most powerful focus, the experience is one of fear [Saturn] through intimidation [Mars] by some force or overwhelming experience [Jupiter]. Such an occurrence could manifest as a negative experience with the police department or government agency. Sa= Ma/Ju

Mars in the foreground relates to sudden insight and personal [Mars] transformation [Jupiter] that changes former negative traits of a cruel taskmaster [Saturn]. This is usually caused by extreme circumstances, such as near death experiences or surviving some life-threatening experiences. Ma= Sa/Ju

Jupiter in the most powerful position places one's personal [Mars] safety [Saturn] at risk. We bravely face our dragons or worst case scenarios but often with disastrous results. Ju=Ma/Sa •

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