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"The controls of life are structured as forms and nuclear arrangements, in a relation with the motions of the universe."

The Sunset Chart Astrological Services
Horary Charts

The traditional art and science of Horary astrology (not the modern, imprecise 'psychological' astrology) offers the potential to answer questions clearly, quickly, and accurately. A chart is cast for the time of the question and the principle of synchronicity goes into action. It is truly remarkable! This is a simple chart and only requires a phone call.

  • Will this relationship last?
  • Should I break up with them?
  • Do they really love me?
  • Are they being unfaithful?
  • Are they really my friend?
  • Will buying this house be a good move for me?
  • When will I marry?
  • I lost an important item. Where is it?
  • Would I do well in my own business?
  • Will I profit from my education?
  • Should I take the job offer or keep the one I have?
  • Is a co-worker spreading gossip about me, if so, who?
  • Will I get the job?
  • Will I like the money, boss and co-workers?
One consultation - $99.00  

 NEW   Live On-line Astrology Class

One Class, Live, approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Class is via Zoom Teleconferencing software.

Classes are live every Thursday from 1pm to roughly 2-3pm, Pacific Time

One Class - $12.00  

Know Your Lucky Days

Everyone is born with fortunate planets in their chart. Throughout the year these planets can create favorable circumstances on certain dates. These are the dates when good fortune is in your favor. However, many are often unable to create and keep a calendar reminding them of these auspicious dates.

Although we do not create actual calendars for you, our astrological techniques CAN create a list of your 'lucky' dates and you can place them in your personal calendar, information manager, scheduler, etc. to remind you of your personal favorable dates to take action and make positive decisions.

Once you learn about your personal dates they are perennial (occur every year), and they remain the same for life. Although it can vary from person to person, each individual has roughly 50 such dates every year.

These dates are not computer generated, they are personally crafted and must be calculated by hand, so please allow us 10 to 14 days for you to receive your dates.

To determine the list of LUCKY DAYS in your life we need your first name, date of birth, and your time of birth. Remember to include your email address.
Unfortunately if you do not know your date or time of birth we will be unable to perform this service for you.


Compatability Evaluation

Find out exactly what astrology has to say about the person you are seeking as a partner and how to determine if a chosen mate is truly compatible with you and if your mate is truly compatible with you. Many times we find compatibility between two people where other astrological services will fail.


Natal Charts

Natal Charts are more involved and can take several hours to delineate a chart and advise on the complexities you have been born with. Many times The Natal Chart will present enough information for you to get a good personal outlook about your life and create a deeper understanding on how to go about making positive changes.


Advanced Life Charts

As our life changes so do our astrology charts change with us. Often the Progressions, Solar Returns and Lunar Returns need to be worked out along with several other required charts to recognize how your life-plan is working out and what positive direction you may make to improve your situation. As a result, using over twenty five charts for clarification, the time and number of charts required is quite demanding.


Astrological Counseling

1,199.00 per Hour  

Personal Retainer

A yearly Personal Retainer plan is available with priority access as the basis for up to 10 hours of personal phone conversations including horary questions.


Business Retainer

There is a yearly, Business Retainer plan with up to 25 hours of phone conversations including Horary questions about personal and business decisions as well as the perfect time for meetings, lawsuits, and launch times for new products. Very often clients will screen potential personnel of which they intend to hire. This service provides you with the assuredness that your employees will perform in the best interest of the company.


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