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"The controls of life are structured as forms and nuclear arrangements, in a relation with the motions of the universe."

Q: What makes the sunset chart different or more desirable than other astrology charts?
A: At the onset astrology began as an instrument for interpreting omens by using the planets against a starry background. In keeping with this idea, the sunset chart is essentially a timing device for evaluation and forecasting planetary conditions in a lifetime. As the sunset chart functions within the 24-hour diurnal motion (from sunset to sunset), it relates to the constancy of change during a lifetime. This is because the original aspects remain the same thereby keeping the “feeling of self-sameness” through each experience. The very nature of the sunset system has a more intimate, less “cook-book” style of interpretation. It contains more personal information reflecting the personal planetary positions than other systems plus provides us with the Moon’s personal Lunar Mansion.

Q: Does the Moon’s position at sunset have any effect on me?
A: Absolutely, not only does the Moon begin its journey to describe your personal Lunar Mansion, the sunset position of the Moon becomes a “phantom” in your experiences. Many times the degree of longitude of the sunset “phantom” Moon been explicatively involved with the current events of someone’s life by transits to its position. The Moon’s sunset position has been overlooked because, until now, it was an unknown factor.

Q: Sunset is so universal, aren’t there thousands of people born at the same time of sunset.
A: In short, the answer to your question is yes, however, the thousands of people you speak of are not born in the same location. For example, as the world rotates through different time zones, the local time meridian changes along with the earth’s rotation; somewhere in the world, at this very moment, the time is 1:17 A.M. as it will be a few moments from now somewhere else. With this in mind, we can see that the same argument for 1:17 A.M. can be used as a universal time because thousands of people all around the globe are being born at 1:17 A.M. The actual time of sunset, then, can be considered to be as distinct as the birth time in any specified chart.

Q: Do I need to know the birth time in order to do a sunset chart?
A: No, and this is where the sunset chart can be most effective. Many people do not know their precise time of birth but we always know the time of sunset on any given date and location. By knowing the time of sunset we also know the distance (by solar arc) between each planet around the zodiacal belt (chart) that indicate events in the life. This knowledge enables the astrologer to work with a client for predictive purposes.

Q: I noticed you use the equal house system, why not Koch?
A: For easy assessment of the chart at hand. Each equal house has the value of six years of life and is used solely for the purpose of demarcation to perceiving any given age. The sunset house system does not use the houses other than “age indicators” therefore they have nothing to do with the tropical way of reading a chart.

Q: How do I use the transits with the sunset chart?
A: Basically, when any rogressed planet forms an aspect to a planet in the sunset chart, the very same planets by transit will, at some time during the months ahead, make an aspect to each other as well. For example, If the rogressed Sun squares Neptune’s sunset position, look for the next current aspect the Sun makes to Neptune. The date of the Sun/Neptune configuration is the date to expect a “rather sensitive period” of the presaged age set by the sunset chart and rogression by solar arc. This principle does not hold true however, for the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune or Pluto when in rogressed aspect to each other. See the triads for the outer planets.

Q: Is there special meaning to the highest longitude in a chart?
A: Generally seen as the highest ideal one can achieve (by planetary energy, i.e.Saturn would suggest a rather taciturn demeanor, Mars would indicate a warrior, Venus an artist, Moon as a guiding light etc.)

Q: What planet tells of a person's spiritual goal in life?
A: A planet positioned 19 degrees has shown itself in many spiritually oriented personalities. Also, planets in the "goal oriented decanate" (20 degrees and above) have Jupiter and Venus somewhere.

Q: Could spiritual goals be an effect of a triad?
A: Often yes, frequently a planet falls between Jupiter/Saturn as a triad.

Q: If one wants to know about love in their life would they place Venus in the center position and then the next highest planet over, and the next lowest planet below to tell one of how they look at love?
A: That's one way. The triad will reveal Venusian qualities about yourself. Another method is to look at the sunset chart and as you rotate the wheel, note the aspects that Venus has made. Each aspect to or by Venus will show something about your feelings at the time. However, having said that, it is usually Jupiter in a woman's chart that indicates marriage and Saturn in a man's chart.

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