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"It is clearly evident that most events of a widespread nature, draw their causes from the enveloping heavens."
-Claudius Ptolemys's "Tetrabiblos"

The following glossary represents the terms used in The Chaldean Method and may not apply to popular astrological terminology. If there is a term you would like to see listed below, send your request to: dictionary @"

Age by rogression-Using the Sun as the indicator, the distance traveled by the smaller bi-wheel chart along the outer sunset chart matrix. For humans this distance is five degrees for one year of time. For non-human entities, such as corporations and states, one degree equals one year of time because of the extended time-span for such entities.

Birth chart-Any chart delineated using the exact time of birth and place.

Decan or Decanate-Ten degrees of arc, the first, second or third section of the stack marked by ten-degree intervals.

Harmonic-The use of the stack placed outside each house from cusp to cusp to determine secondary indications of events not readily seen in the rogression.

Latitude-Two meanings: 1. The angular distance dividing the Earth’s surface horizontally, North and South of the Equator. 2. The angular distance of a celestial body North or South of the Sun’s path (ecliptic). In the sunset system the latitude refers to the planets placed North or South of the Sun (ecliptic).

Lunar Mansion-The personalized listing of the very first “exact aspect” and very last “exact aspect” made by the Moon in a 24-hour period (sunset to sunset the following day).

Matrix-The outer, larger wheel of the bi-wheel sunset chart.

Outer planets-Also referred as the Trans-Saturn planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These planets are referred as the “gateway to success” in the sunset chart system. Generally speaking, the outer planets are not easily accessible to the general public and are usually expressed or reflected through their individual triads.

Rogression- The act of turning the smaller wheel inside the larger wheel of a bi-wheel sunset chart in a clock-wise manner.

R.O.M.-1. Rate of Motion. The distance by degree of longitude the Moon travels in a 24-hour period. Generally, on average this is one degree every two hours.

Sidereal Astrology-Astrology associated with the observable, zodiacal constellations using the Cardinal angles of North, South, East and West only (no house system). However, the constellations (by Powel) range from 9 degrees 23 minutes (Cancer) to as long as 43 degrees (Virgo) and using the actual size of constellations would require too much redirecting of the popular “birth-signs idea” currently known around the world. For ease, the divisions of sidereal zodiac, as it is used today, is usually seen as an equal arc of thirty degrees. The Sidereal year (365 days, 6 hours, 9 minutes, 9.54 seconds) is slightly longer (20 minutes) than the tropical year.

Solar Arc-The distance traveled along the ecliptic measured by the motion of the sun in one day (approximately one degree).

Solar Return-In the sunset chart system, the solar return refers to the time in life when the rogressed Sun reaches the place occupied by the Sun in the birth chart.

Stack- The act of listing, by sidereal longitude, all the planets in numerical order generally starting from the highest degree to the lowest (also 30 degree wheel).

Sunset chart-The casting of a chart for the time of sunset. If one is born BEFORE midnight the chart is cast for the same date as the birth date. If one is born AFTER midnight, the chart is cast for the date before the birth date.

Synastry-From the Greek, “synastria,” meaning similarity of stars. It denotes the study of how two peoples chart compare with each other for the purpose of describing their relationship.

Synodic period-A sidereal lunar month is the period of 27.3 days the time it takes the Moon to orbit once around the Earth. A synodic month is 29.5 days the time it takes for the Moon to cycle through its phases (new to new or full to full).

Triad- Any three planets in succession taken from the stack for analysis.

Tropical Astrology-The more popular astrology consisting of seasonal signs as indicators of the 12 departments of life starting from zero Aries on the Spring Equinox (approximately 21st of March) each year. The Vernal Equinox (fall) starts on about 23 September. The tropical year (365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 4.5 seconds) is slightly shorter than the sidereal year.

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