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"A physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician ... There is one common flow, one common breathing, all things are in sympathy."
- Hippocrates, Fifth Century B.C.


Many astrologers either ignore or don't know to use the planet as the Ascendant principle. This simple technique can give a re-evaluation of your planetary activities, as they are located in the birth chart.

A great deal can be learned from placing each planet as the Ascendant for a planetary reference point. Notice how the planets change meanings by each different perspective and placement. For example, place natal Mars as the Ascendant. The relocation of each planet by house placement takes on a Martian meaning as indicated by the Mars line below. Thus, your Sun moves to a different location by house placement and that represents the objective that you desire to achieve in your life from the Mars point of view. Mercury's placement, from Mars' point of view, indicates the method or plans you make to achieve that objective. The Moon represents the people most likely to be used or the most likely to get hurt by your actions and so on.

The graph below is read by looking at the planet on the left and cross-referencing it to the top of the list. For example, the Sun with Venus can be expressed as colorful light (such as a sunset or sunrise) or staged lighting. However, pairing Venus with the Sun creates the ideal of a glamorous movie star or model. The following graph is an example of such objectivity. This graph is by no means the last word in planetary definitions but it does indicate how to view a planet metaphorically with the other planets from its own perspective. Adjust your chart so each planet is placed as the Ascendant and try using this perspective for chart interpretation.

Some of you may not recognize the idea of planet to planet. A simple way to re-interpret this concept is to use the top of the list as the Sign the planet rules. For example, Sun = Leo, Mercury = Gemini or Virgo, Venus = Taurus or Libra and so forth.

This graph also becomes a useful tool when you rogress the sunset chart and find planets squaring, opposing or even conjoining themselves. In such a manner you would experience some form of insight during Mercury to Mercury rogression or become disappointed with yourself when Venus opposes Venus in the rogression.

	 Sun           Mercury        Venus         Mars
     Su- Light         Brilliant      Colorful      Glaring
     Me- Inspiration   Insight        Dreamy        Inquisitive
     Ve- Ideal         Eloquence      Disappointing Coarseness
     Ma- Objective     Plan of attack Weakness      Invincible
     Ju- God           Prayer         Devotion      Right action
     Sa- Investment    Marketing      Product       Expense
     Mo- Savior        Self doubt     Rescue        Antagonist

	 Jupiter       Saturn         Moon
     Su- Bright        Dim            Intensity
     Me- Tolerance     Wise           Reflective
     Ve- Luxury        Style & Grace  Comfort 
     Ma- Show of force Defense        Casualties
     Ju- Righteousness Propitiation   Followers
     Sa- Profit        Useful         Consumer
     Mo- Indulgence    Melancholy     Helplessness
With a little practice, and by adding your own vocabulary to the list, you will be able to recognize planetary intentions as noted in the birth chart quite rapidly.
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