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"Astrology is astronomy brought to earth and applied to the affairs of men!"
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Us is the premier on-line entertainment site of the Internet designed to provide information and services that deal with ancient astrology. The site will enable enthusists from all over the globe to learn and participate in ancient astrology, opening up new opportunities and avenues of awareness for professional astrologers as well as the casual visitor.

Arthyr W. Chadbourne is a third generation astrologer who has long been an advocate for exploring new dimensions of awareness in the astrological field. As a practicing astrologer and researcher, his open acknowledgment of individual spirituality as the core of the astrological chart has put him on the cutting edge of those in astrology who are creating the metaphysical arts of the future.

His client list reads like a who's who in the entertainment field and he is an astrological consultant for many leaders of industry. The successful changes he has made in his own astrological practice prove he is a man not only of vision and deeds, but an author whose beliefs spring from the truths and experience of daily living.

Arthyr Chadbourne was astrological director as well as the star in the motion picture, The Astrologer. He has also worked as an executive producer for the independent television series Meet The Astrologer.

Chadbourne has also been an artist since childhood. As such, he worked in early Star Trek productions. He is a part-time commercial artist specializing in portraits. His artistic talents include designing watch faces for Paramount's Dark Shadows, magazine covers, CD covers and banners for various artists and production companies. He was co-founder, artist and art director in developing Perceptions magazine in which he wrote many articles and reviews.

Mr. Chadbourne has also written, YOUR Truth Will Set You Free, a self-help book emphasizing the responsibility toward success is upon oneself (1975).


This site is a resource on ancient astrology and contributes to an understanding of it and how it relates to current astrology.

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